Water Ionizer with 9 Titanium Plate

LCD Screen

  • First Filter Life Indicator
  • 2nd Filter Life Indicator
  • Wash Selection Lamp
  • Purity Water Selection Lamp
  • Mode Selection Lamp
  • Alkaline Water Selection Lamp
  • Acid Water Selection Lamp
  • Alkaline/Acid Water Level
  • Amount of water & speed
  • Error Display Lamp

Touch Panel

  • It works at operation stand by MODE
  • It works when alkaline water selection is done.
  • It works when acidic water selection is done.
  • It works when clean water selection is done.
  • It is to alter with selection mode.
  • It is to set the mode after selection.
  • It works for compulsory washing

Front Sliding Doors and Filter

  • First Filter
  • 2nd Filter
  • Sliding Door

Stainless Steel Alkaline and Acidic Output

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