World's No 1 Korean Water Ionizer

with 9 titanium plates- platinum coated
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World's No. 1 Korean Water Ionizer

What is Dew Guard water ionizer?

Dew-Guard is worlds best Korean Alkaline water ionizer with 9 titanium plates – platinum coated. It is capable of producing water from 4.0 ph to 10 ph level which makes it superior to most of its competitors in the market. It is fully convertible from counter-top to Under counter. It comes with a convenient voice automated features which maks it one of the best Alkaline water ionizer in the market.


  1. Front sliding door system for easy change of filters
  2. Max 386W of leading-edge SMPS power
  3. 9 Titanium cell electrodes [platinum coated]
  4. UV Light Technology
  5. The automatic filter indication system
  6. Convenient voice automated
  7. LCD Display (All Visible)
  8. Enhanced 2 steps dual filtration system
  9. Incredible pH range from 4.0 to 10.0
  10. Touch sensor
  11. ORP :- 850mv (maximum)
  12. 100% stainless steel Zabara hose
  13. Automatic cleaning system
  14. Filter Life Indicator
  15. Fully convertible : Counter-top to under counter


1 Working power 210W MAX
2 Flow rate 0.8~3.5L/Min
3 Electrolysis Method Continuous electrolysis
4 Display type A 3.8-inch colorful LCD screen
5 Display content Alkaline/acid/purified water levels, filter lifespan, washing, Current warnings, pH, filters’ usage of life etc.
6 Plate Material Titanium with platinum coating
7 pH range 8.0-9.5(MAX)
8 ORP range +500~-800mV(MAX)
9 Inlet water temperature Lower than 45 Celsius degree
10 Safe protection Overcurrent protection

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